Partner Projects

During the first project phase of Kopernikus, four more projects were launched. Rheticus originated from P2XPiCKSPIKE and DisConMelter are classic satellites. This page gives you an overview of the various partner projects. Using the navigation you can directly access the subpages.

Spin-off from P2X: Rheticus

The Rheticus project is a spin-off of the Kopernikus project P2X. It uses microorganisms to convert renewable energy into alcohols. The cosmetics industry, for example, needs these alcohols to produce creams and make-up.

Satellite project: DisConMelter

Source: Heinz-Glas GmbH & Co. KGaA

 DisConMelter was a satellite project of of the Kopernikus project SynErgie. The aim was to design glass production in such a way that it could be operated sometimes with more and sometimes with less electricity. Depending on how much electricity is currently available.

P2X satellite project: PiCK 

Source: University of Stuttgart

The PiCK project is a satellite of the Kopernikus Project P2X. It uses a plasma to separate CO2 into carbon monoxide and oxygen. Carbon monoxide is an important basic material in the chemical industry.

P2X satellite project: SPIKE

Source: malp, Adobe Stock

The  SPIKE project has analysed which possible applications of Power-to-X processes make sense under which conditions and to what extent. In the meantime, the SPIKE team is working on the P2X roadmap.

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