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Power-to-X in Germany: These projects are already existing

Power-to-X technologies can be used to transform the industrial, transport and heating sectors in a climate-friendly way. They therefore play a key role in the National Hydrogen Strategy of the German Federal Government. A large number of universities, scientific institutions, companies and even civil initiatives are already conducting research on Power-to-X. This page provides an overview of the steadily increasing number of Power-to-X projects. Both as a map and as an interactive table.

Projects identified as 'Power-to-X’ investigate at least two different categories of end products, such as Gas and Chemical or Heat and Fuel. Furthermore, if the work on a project takes place at a specific location, the project is located there. The same applies to projects that have a strong regional focus - regardless of the location of the project partners. In case of large project consortia that conduct research in several work packages at several locations, the location of the Project Coordinator is indicated as the location of the project. If there are several or no clear coordinator, the coordinator who publicly represents the project has been included. If the work of a project is concentrated at an industrial plant, the location of the industrial plant is usually given as the location of the project.



The map and table of Power-to-X projects in Germany were created as part of the Kopernikus Project “P2X”. The data used is taken from project databases, overview pages, the interactive map of power-to-gas plants of the DVGW, ministry websites, press releases and newspaper articles. The sources of the most important data can be traced via the links to the projects. Despite the greatest care taken in preparation of this website, it does not claim to be complete or error-free. In case of errors, missing projects or requests for changes, please contact Mr. Dinh Du Tran of DECHEMA e.V. (). The map and table are updated regularly.