The funding initiative has met with a great response in business, science and civil society. Around 1,000 institutions have applied in 201 projects in 41 projects. Every second institution was a partner in the industry. An independent advisory board subsequently evaluated the project proposals. 260 institutions have started their work in the four selected projects.

Advisory Board members


Prof. Dr. Robert Schlögl Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion


Prof. Dr. Göran Andersson ETH Zürich

Dr. Brigitte Bach AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

Prof. Dr. Susanne Siebentritt Université du Luxembourg

Prof. Dr. Alexander Wokaun ETH Zürich


Prof. Dr. Roger Weninger Stadtwerke Augsburg Energie GmbH (in German)

Anette Bronder T-Systems

Civil society

Dr. Patrick Graichen (Vertretung: Dr. Barbara Praetorius) Agora Energiewende

Dr. Thomas Engelke Verbraucherzentrale Bundeverband e.V.