The FAQs of the Kopernikus projects provide a deeper insight into the content of topics on which the Kopernikus projects are conducting research. They answer everything that is needed to have a say. The questions and answers were created and examined by the scientists of the Kopernikus projects. 

FAQs: Energy flexibility

Source: C&C Bark
C&C Bark In almost every company there are possibilities for energy flexibilisation. The FAQ reveals what this means for efficiency and participation in the energy market for companies. Source: C&C Bark

The FAQs on energy flexibilisation answer the following questions: How does flexibility affect the efficiency of a company? How on the life expectancy of production machines? Are there industrial processes that can be made more flexible in every company? What possibilities are there to offer flexibility as a service and on the markets? Is flexibility also worthwhile for companies that are not exempt from the EEG levy?

FAQs: Power-to-X

One of several possible applications of Power-to-X: Power-to-fuel, i.e. electricity to fuel. The world's first integrated air-to-fuel system can be seen here at KIT in Karlsruhe. Source: P2X/KIT

The FAQs about Power-to-X provide answers to the following questions: Why Power-to-X? How efficient is Power-to-X? Why is Germany researching into Power-to-X, even though it will not have any surplus electricity? If hydrogen is to be produced in Africa with Power-to-X - where does the water come from?

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