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Power2Change: On display in Hoyerswerda, starting February 29

The Kopernikus projects are shaping the future of energy supply. They have also contributed to the content of the show "Power2Change". This travelling exhibition invites visitors to discover the coming energy system interactively. Next stop is in the structural transition region of Lusatia: starting on February 29, Knappenrode "Energiefabrik" in Hoyerswerda will host the exhibition. All information is available here.

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Ariadne: Heating cost comparison provides recommendations

In a new analysis, Ariadne researchers have addressed the question of the most profitable sustainable heating technology. The background is that the heating sector should also become climate-neutral, investment costs are high though. This is why many people are still reluctant to install a heat pump. Unjustifiably so, as the paper argues: Heat pumps pay off the most over their entire life cycle due to their low operating costs. All details here (in German).

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ENSURE: experiencing the project in the OecherLab

OecherLab is a trial space and development hub for innovation in Aachen, bordering Belgium and Netherlands. In the "Future Energy Supply Zone", ENSURE presents its work with an interactive exhibition model (photo). This guest presentation is to be seen on-location in Aachen until 29 February 2024. Visit and experience ENSURE Tuesdays to Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Kapuzinergraben 19d.

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P2X roadmaps are now also available in English

There is growing international interest shown in the research contents of the Kopernikus projects. P2X is responding to this by now also making the roadmaps available in English. The fourth version, published in 2023, summarises the most important results of the second funding phase and classifies them with a view to application. Read more here (in German), and the English roadmaps are available here.

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SynErgie: new social media formats provide insights

SynErgie recently launched new formats on its social media channels that allow anyone interested in getting to know the players and content better. Thus, the Kopernikus project regularly asks "5 questions to" those involved in the project, who provide personal insights into their work on energy transition. Moreover, the knowledge series "#Knowpernikus" explains all aspects of the flexibilisation of industry. Simply follow and learn more.

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Report by acceptance task force: engaging people at an early stage

Acceptance must not be forced. Information and participation only make sense during the process - not after solutions have already been found. "Solid participation right from the start doesn't slow things down, but rather helps to accelerate them, because late conflicts delay the process much more," says Katharina Ebinger. In the interview here (in German), she discusses these and other important findings of the task force.

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Kopernikus compares energy transition scenarios

Each of the four Kopernikus projects has its own scenarios for the respective component of the energy transition. The approaches and assumptions in the models focus on different sectors and vary accordingly. Nevertheless, common directional points are emerging for Germany if it wants to achieve its climate targets for 2045. The new scenario comparison (in German) reveals what these are.

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With search function: All Kopernikus publications at a glance

Seek and you shall find: The biblical saying now also applies to the publications of the Kopernikus projects. They are gathered in a searchable overview table - even with keyword search. The advantage is obvious: it is no longer necessary to search through the publications on the individual project pages. The publications are "business cards" for the progress and results of the Kopernikus projects. Those interested can find them here.