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Kopernikus: Exhibiting at ACHEMA jointly with Carbon2Chem

P2X as organiser, SynErgie and ENSURE are currently gearing up for ACHEMA (10 to 14 June) together. These three of the four Kopernikus projects are presenting their work along with Carbon2Chem at their dedicated exhibition stand (D52) in Hall 6.0. The photo shows the rendering for the stand design - in a new look and with many interesting insights into current research. More on ACHEMA here.

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SynErgie: A partner's view on the relevance of flexibilisation

57 partners from science and industry are collaborating in the Kopernikus project SynErgie. One of them explains why this is so important for his own company and the energy transition in an interview from the partner's own individual perspective: Dennis Bauer speaks for e-con in the Alois Müller Group. You can read the interview here (in German).

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Ariadne: Transport subsidies facing criticism

Carbon pricing is considered one of the key instruments of climate policy. In Germany, however, subsidies such as the so-called diesel or company car privilege apply. These distort the effect of the carbon price in the transport sector. Ariadne researchers come to this conclusion in a new paper. They therefore recommend either abolishing the subsidies or at least redesigning them in a climate-friendly way. Read more (in German) here.

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Start-up impresses with concept using P2X results

The start-up Power2Polymers has been honoured in a prestigious international competition as third place. The future spin-off from the project of the same name delivered a convincing pitch for sustainably produced lubricants. These are based on the idea of polyol compounds from the Kopernikus project P2X. More on the start-up here.

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Power2Change: On display in Hoyerswerda until 26 May

The Kopernikus projects are shaping the future of energy supply. They have also contributed to the content of the show "Power2Change". This travelling exhibition invites visitors to discover the coming energy system interactively. Until 26 May, Knappenrode "Energiefabrik" in Hoyerswerda is hosting the exhibition which is accompanied by a versatile programme of events. All information is available here.

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ENSURE: Workshop for tenants in student residences

What can I do about sustainability in my immediate environment if I am a tenant in a student residence and have limited financial resources? Based on this question, ENSURE is organising a workshop to provide young people with impulses and ideas to help them make the most of their personal opportunities to shape the energy transition. Information about the event (in German) is available here.

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Kopernikus compares energy transition scenarios

Each of the four Kopernikus projects has its own scenarios for the respective component of the energy transition. The approaches and assumptions in the models focus on different sectors and vary accordingly. Nevertheless, common directional points are emerging for Germany if it wants to achieve its climate targets for 2045. The new scenario comparison (in German) reveals what these are.

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With search function: All Kopernikus publications at a glance

Seek and you shall find: The biblical saying now also applies to the publications of the Kopernikus projects. They are gathered in a searchable overview table - even with keyword search. The advantage is obvious: it is no longer necessary to search through the publications on the individual project pages. The publications are "business cards" for the progress and results of the Kopernikus projects. Those interested can find them here.